Louise Haywood-Schiefer

I am a freelance photographer specialising in portraits for editorial publications. My role with the media production company, Historyworks, is to capture beneficial stills photography which can be used in the making of films and also for promotional web and printed media outlets.

Since being involved with Historyworks  I have worked on several productions, most prominently ‘Five Sisters’ which documented an art installation in York St Mary’s by artists Matthew Collings and Emma Biggs. The finished film acted as a documentary piece explaining and illustrating the various production stages from insight to creation to installation. My role in this was to create reportage style shots of the artists at work, both in studio and in the installation space, along with portraits and behind the scenes shots of the production team. Many of these were then used in the promotional flyer and the exhibition catalogue for the show, and for web based promotion of the artwork and the film. See the Five Sisters page.

After spending 6 years working as an assistant to an array of photographers in different fields, I have become equipped with a variety of skills. My own direction in photography however, stems from a passion of meeting people and attempting to create imagery that portrays people and situations in the truest sense.

Since working as a freelance photographer I have worked for clients as diverse as Time Out London, FHM, The Big Issue, WI Life and Names Records. You can see a range of my work on my website.


As a working photographer I have skills which range from image capture to post production. I am adept at lighting, composing images, putting my subjects at ease, retouching and processing images.


I am available to offer advice and training on most technical photographic issues including lighting, understanding the camera, Photoshop skills and these can be brokered via historyworks, especially for academics working on the Eurotast projects, and IPUP interns and all academics wanting to enter the world of digital humanities!