• Sound Installations: Recent Projects


    To mark the 300th Anniversary of Laurence Sterne's birth, HISTORYWORKS has made an installation, filmed on location at Shandy Hall in the village of Coxwold, North Yorkshire. 9 Readings have been chosen to convey the range of Laurence Sterne's writings and concerns, and to show 9 glimpses into the domestic dwelling that was Laurence Sterne's home.  

    Camera & Edit for the 9 Readings by Ross Casswell, Sound by Jon Calver, Stills Photography by Helen Weinstein, IT development by Rick Taylor, Project Devised & Directed by Helen Weinstein. 

    All the readings are performed by Patrick Wildgust, Curator at the Laurence Sterne Trust. To see the 9 films, go to the arrows set in the 9 Panes of the front door at Shandy Hall here: 

    Shandy Hall panes


    Commissioned by Ihear2 for an audio sound concert at the cathedral, the brief was to use the acoustic spaces and challenge the public to experience York Minster in a new way.  Our sound installation was produced from editing  oral history interviews recorded on location and tells the story of those who clean, maintain, fix, and renovate the Minster.

    Listen to the sound installation via the link to audioboo here:



    Short drama following the Tribunal of a Conscientious Objector during the First World War. Commissioned as a heritage soundscape by DAFX. This installation tells a story inspired by events that took place in around the Council Chamber of York's Guildhall in 1916. It seeks not to re-enact the words, but instead to take a wider range of voices, using words from the archive to weave together a sound scape of the opinions of citizens about the sanctity of life and death.

    The words are found from Hansard, Friends Records, Yorkshire Press, because the original records of the tribunals were destroyed by the military in 1921. Although you don't get the impact when you hear it as a mixed soundscape rather than the voices dispersed from within York's Guildhall Chamber, please do have a listen.

    Imagine sitting in a wooden courtroom where we re-enacted the drama with the only lighting being from the desk lamps, and the voices of the Judge infront of you, the voices of the plaintiff and witnesses adjacent to you from the well of the Chamber, and the voices from the Public Gallery behind you.

    Producer Credits: Jon Calver & Helen Weinstein. Researcher Intern Credits: Sam Johnson, Joe Muller, Catherine Oakley. Voices: Ewan Bailey, Sheila Bradburn, Jon Calver, Alana Gibb, Adam Gutteridge, Ian Hardwick, Sam Johnson, Catherine Oakley, John Oxley, Henrietta Titcombe, Philip Titcombe.

    Listen to the sound installation via the audioboo here:


  • Memory Like Shells

    A performance recorded by Helen Weinstein for the BBC Radio 4 documentary Helen produced for Remembrance Day, Memory Like Shells Bursting.

    "Memory Like Shells"  is music for string quartet and voice and is the result of the collaboration of veteran Norman Winchester who had no formal musical training and the professional composer, Karen Wimhurst. The documentary itself ("Memory Like Shells Bursting") revealed how the process of composing was used to explore some very difficult memories that Norman Winchester had from his experience of fighting in the Second World War.

    Listen to the first performance of the composition via the link to audioboo here:


  • The Domino Party

    Oral histories recorded by Helen Weinstein at the domino tables of the Dutch Pot Luck Club in Lambeth reminiscing about lost belonging in the Caribbean, racism in London, and the Notting Hill Riots of 1958, with choir members' voices orchestrated by Karen Wimhurst to create the underlining score for this sound installation.

    Listen to a recording of the sound installation via the link to audioboo here:


  • The Sound of Mull

    A sound poem created from oral histories about island identity, gaelic and the singing traditions of Mull, recorded by Helen Weinstein in collaboration with the choirs and singing inhabitants of Mull orchestrated by the composer Karen Wimhurst. 

    Listen to a recording of the sound installation via the link to audioboo here: