Blog Post: Cycle of Songs – Local History in Cambridge

Cycle of Songs – Local History in Cambridge 

by Janine Noack, for the Doing History in Public blog

We as historians are responsible to research stories that could be interesting for the public. Yesterday we went to Cambridge Central Library to find out more about the “Coronation Feast “, the “Spinning House” and “Alice Springs”.

“Coronation Feast” was a ceremony organised on June 28, 1838, to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria; the city organised a monumental banquet for 15000 people (strictly locals) and 17000 more participated as spectators… the entire population of Cambridge more or less. The “Spinning House” is a correctional facility for women and young girls founded in the 17th century, and “Alice Springs” is a town in Australia named after Alice Gillam Bell from Cambridge.

The stories need to be short and we have to get used to writing for a non-academic audience, which is a great challenge. They will be published on the blog soon.

Drafts are already accessible via googledocs for feedback. If you are interested in participating in the project, please feel free to contact Helen Weinstein (@historyworkstv); for more information:

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Blog Post: Cycle of Songs – Local History in Cambridge


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