Cultural Activities to Nourish During Covid Lockdown

CULTURAL NOURISHMENT IN COVID LOCKDOWN is very important both for adults and children.  On our pages at Historyworks we are making some suggestions with links, which elders have asked for, but we'll soon also post up some top tips for children and families too.  Do browse the pages with our links to cultural nourishment and also birdsong, wellbeing, meditation, yogo, pilates, fitness courses with Joe Wicks here - browse these pages!
Lots on BBC Arts & Culture in Lockdown including theatre, cinema, dance, books, museums, galleries, participatory arts & crafts and wellbeing:
For today, you can nourish your soul by listening to one or all episodes of 'The Hisory of the World in 100 Objects' with wonderful pictures in words from the British Museum - first episode:
all AHOW episodes are now podcasts available to iisten again as 100 episodes:


Or if you are wanting to have 30 mins of art, have a go at making a Fitzwiliam Museum Mosaic HERE or print LOVE THE NHS posters to colour in for front windows -  by range of fab artists HERE

Or if you are interested in the history of technology, you can find wonderful colouring sheets from Cambridge Museum of Technology, plus activities using household recycle to produce interactives with children, like making a parachute and making jewelry, all freely available HERE

Do also enjoy Michael Rosen's NHS poem supporting and celebrating all NHS service and health workers called - These Are The Hands - narrated by Michael on youtube HERE


Also, recommending a slow watch of Kettles Yard' webcam to soothe the soul = 


Fantastic JIGSAWS to do online are available for children and adults free via JIGSAW PLANET and
there is a series starting provided by galleries and museums of jigsaws of famous paintings, and
do have a go by starting with 'Lady With a Book' provided by the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley HERE 


MICHAEL ROSEN free poetry youtube channel =
Our recommendations from our shows in Cambridge schools are Michael's poetry performances of his :

Plus, worth checking out, JK Rowling is putting entertainment free online on Harry Potter entertainment


Local at 102 Mill Road, the Al Amin grocery emporium are offering free deliveries and you can make online orders of fresh or packaged food via email or phone in your orders: 01223 576396 &

Petersfield Pharmacy is offering a free delivery service: Petersfield Pharmacy is located at 56 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AS. For more information call 01223 354383, visit 

Shops & Take-aways A to Z in Cambs with top picks of take-aways eg Sea Tree Fish on Mill Road and for vulnerable eg free CabCo taxi service to collect deliveries for those self isolating with no help at hand:


Cultural Activities to Nourish During Covid Lockdown


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